12 March 2009

Drive By

I always liked this picture. We took it as we drove past Kennywood a few years ago. It was a great day--we hit up a bunch of Pittsburgh bookstores to sign stock. Started in Monroeville at the Borders and Barnes and Noble. Went over to the B&N in Squirrel Hill. Over to the Joe and Beth's at South Side works. Ended up at the Waterfront B&N. For some reason I can't remember where we ate. But the light was nice and the air was dry. All of our pictures, even casual shots like this one, came out pretty well.

So this picture reminds me of that day and all the good feelings associated with it. It also reminds me a little of the UNDER THE TABLE AND DREAMING album cover. So again, feelings of spring-timey goodness. You can almost see it in the sky on this picture. Still early enough to be dark relatively early, but late enough in the year that Kennywood's open. With the birds out in full force and moist, sweet air coming through open windows I feel a weight lifting. Winter has some great things going for it--being around friends is probably my number one. But not having to dress in layers is pretty sweet too. It's a good time to set the tone for what's to come. For me, I want to get a lot of bike riding in, a lot of writing done, and I'm vowing to learn a song a week.

The Maya, like a lot of other groups, were all about getting rid of things they didn't need. Their calendar carried five days at the end of each year that they didn't 'count'. These days are used to clean, get rid of unused items, etc. Not much different than our spring cleaning, except for its spiritual undertones. Maybe this is how I look at spring. A chance to shed old skin and move away from negativity.

10 March 2009

Zion National Park

So much for weekly posts. Seems the best I can do is three or four times monthly.
The road will be the theme though. In the end, isn't that really the only thing that matters? The metaphorical journey, laughing, experience new things to forget about the bad?
When we wake up in the morning we are faced with a choice. I feel like I've been making the wrong choice for a few years now. Gotta change before it changes me.