21 June 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK The Clash, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 14 September 1979


    I threw on an old Clash t-shirt, faded and thin like shirts from when you were a kid, worn to translucence because they had Darth Vader or Snake Eyes on them. Thinking about the cold made me add a layer. As I buttoned up the old flannel I looked for a hoodie and scrounged around my closet floor. In the pocket of an old gray sweatshirt I found a thin navy toboggan which I pulled over my ears. I threw the hoodie onto my guitar case and looked for gloves. But I couldn't remember owning any. I grabbed the record to show Jamie. As I tied my scarf I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. An ex-con if I ever saw one.

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The Clash
Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL
14 September 1979
WXRT FM Broadcast

01. Jimmy Jazz.
02. I'm so bored with the USA
03. Complete Control
04. London Calling
05. Clampdown
06. White Man in Hammersmith
07. Koka Kola
08. I fought the Law
09. Jail Guitar Doors
10. Police and Thieves
11. Stay Free
12. Clash City Rockers
13. Safe European Home
14. Capital Radio
15. Janie Jones
16. Garageland
17. Armagideon Time
18. Career Opportunities
19. White Riot


Trade CDR `The Clash Chicago 1979’ (spacerabbit 2002) FM Broadcast (WXRT 93.1 Chicago) >
EAC > Soundforge 8 > CDWave 1.95 > FLAC 8

Removed WXRT Station tag after Trk 8 and minor edit between Trks 12-13.
Ran show through Soundforge Click & Crackle filter to remove some static and slight EQ to sound