16 May 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK Yonder Mountain String Band, Fillmore Auditorium April 17, 2004


    "Okay. I made a mixtape for you."
     "You serious? It'd been years since anybody made me a mixtape, and this weekend I get two."
     "Well, a CD. Just some stuff you may have never heard. Sara Watkins, Yonder Mountain String Band, Uncle Earl." She handed it to me with an apologetic smile.
     "Thanks a lot. I'll listen to it today." I got my stuff from the back seat.
     "Yeah, right." Katy tooted as she drove away.
     I stood on the corner waiting for whatever would happen next. Walnut Street looked a lot different today than it did Friday night on my drunken stroll up High. The sidewalk felt a little slippy, so I shuffled my feet, my Tele acting like a counterweight to all of the material Jamie had loaded me down with.
     I thought about heading straight to Dani's, but remembered she said she'd be up at the library. Pauly's message that he'd be on the road for a few days reminded me I had the apartment to myself. My stomach growled. The easiest thing would be to take it into the diner to see mom. But she'd know I hadn't been talking to Pauly and ask a lot of questions and tell me how sin makes us a prisoner of Satan and all that. Seemed like a lot of trouble for a cheeseburger.


Yonder is the band that delivered me to traditional music. This show sounds amazing, like you're riding the rail at the Fillmore. Great mix of songs--two Beatles covers and some Ozzy. (And The Misfits, too.) If you're afraid to commit, start listening at Troubled Mind and stayed tuned through the encores.



Collection: YonderMountainStringBand
Band/Artist: Yonder Mountain String Band
Date: April 17, 2004 (check for other copies)
Venue: Fillmore Auditorium
Location: San Francisco, CA

Source: SBD > Lunatec V2 > Sony PCM-M1 (44.1khz)
Lineage: Sony PCM-M1 > Oade Active 7-pin > Hosa Coax > Delta DiO 2496 > WaveLab 4.0g (record, fades) > CD Wave v.1.92 (splits) > shntool > FLAC16 (level 8)
Taped by: Brad Leblanc
Keywords: Live concert

Set 1: No Expectations, Another Day, River*, Mental Breakdown, Sunday Afternoon, Left Me In A Hole, Crow Black Chicken^, Where They Do Not Know My Name^, Death Trip^, Near Me, Not Far Away, New Horizons > I'm Only Sleeping > New Horizons

Set 2: And Your Bird Can Sing > Sideshow Blues, Mossy Cow, Country Boy Rock & Roll, Sorrow Is A Highway, Troubled Mind > 20 Eyes, Kentucky Mandolin > Just The Same, Lord Only Knows (Part One) > Sometimes I've Won + > On The Run > Peace Of Mind > On The Run

Encore: 40 Miles From Denver, Crazy Train