11 February 2018


With everything that's happened over the last few weeks I'd pretty much forgotten that I have a book coming out this week. I'm not really sure what I want to say about it at this point, except that this was supposed to be a big moment for me. I'd been working on this idea for about 18 years and am really proud of what I've written. And then...

I'd missed a few interview opportunities, had a plan to countdown here on my blog and on Instagram, had a few videos I wanted to make. But that's not how it happened.

So here's what I would've said about the book in the weeks leading up to the release:

  • It's bigger and more ambitious than anything else I'd ever attempted. 
  • The Maya cosmology is based on years of study I did while considering a run at grad school the year before I married Heidi. 
  • An early draft of this was the first thing I'd ever written. In the original version, Henry Collin runs away to Mexico after a horrible rafting accident that leaves two girls dead. Once I decided to put this book away I immediately began HELLBENDER.   
  • I think a book should be re-readable, and this feels like one of the most re-readable things I've ever written. It's got layers.
  • The yellow dog was in that old first draft, and there were two boys instead of three--Paco and Trejo.
  • At the moment, Danicka is my favorite character. So much so that I have started writing a historical urban fantasy series to show what she's been up to for the last 100 years. 
The book is available for order and should ship soon.

Here's the trailer in case you missed it the first time around: