01 April 2011

Heidi Ruby Miller: PATHS TO PUBLICATION: Preston Black (Songwriter)

Heidi Ruby Miller's PATHS TO PUBLICATION has a pretty interesting guest today.

Heidi Ruby Miller: PATHS TO PUBLICATION: Preston Black (Songwriter): "So, here's where I'm supposed to talk about how I got my record deal and all that, right? Well, then that means I got to go back to that sh.

30 March 2011

Twitterly Promiscuous Week 3(ish)

So, you all know the deal by now. I followfollowfollow then use JustUnfollow to weed out the bad seeds after a week or so of not following back. At this point (because of JustUnfollow) it's difficult to determine how many people I've followed in the last 3 weeks. But, I do know how many people are following me. And as of 2:51 on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, that number is...908.

Is it working? Being aggressive has been more effective than not, obviously. I see some people surfing onto my blog from Twitter, and some even leave via Amazon. So we'll call it inconclusive and keep trying.