09 April 2009

Two wheels are better than four.

Been spending a lot of time of my bike lately. Something about zipping past trees with mud splattered up my back feels right. Like heading out into the woods after school knowing that in a few weeks you'd have all day to do nothing but ride. I'm far from being able to ride all day, but the feeling is enough to make me want to work hard to be able to ride faster and longer.

I got a Gary Fisher Marlin a few years ago, but rode only rail trails. Now that I got a taste for trails I don't want to go back. My goal is to be able to race a few times next year. And to get this jersey. I know I'd be a lot faster if I has this jersey:


They have a few XXs in stock, if, you know, anybody's thinking B-day?

Absence Makes the Heart Grow...

So much for trying to post with more regularity. But if I take the number of posts divided by weeks I'm still ahead for the year.

I've been working on a wiki page though. So if anybody wonders what goes on in my life from 7:30 to 2:37, take a look. http://tektitesandtrilobites.wikispaces.com/