08 June 2013

Spotify Playlist: Saturday Head in the Clouds.

Don't know where your head's at this morning, maybe it's laying on a cold pillow or climbing out of a bottle. Mine's watching a cat watching slow clouds pass through. And I decided that if I accomplish nothing else today, I'm okay with that.

Hope you enjoy.

04 June 2013



Coming June 2013 from Raw Dog Screaming Press

Cover Art by Brad Vetter

Preston and Katy face a new darkness....

Sometimes a battle between good and evil doesn't look much like the ones they show in movies. The good guys don't always wear white, and they don’t always walk away with the win.

And sometimes you're better off with the devil you know.

The last time Preston went down to the crossroads, his best friend died and he nearly lost his brother. But Old Scratch doesn't take kindly to fools, especially not those who come knocking at his front door. And before all is said and done, he's going to teach Preston a thing or two about what it really means to sacrifice.

Read the first 100 pages of The Revelations of Preston Black - http://jasonjackmiller.blogspot.com/p/the-revelations-of-preston-black.html

Pre-order The Revelations of Preston Black at Raw Dog Screaming Press - http://www.rawdogscreaming.com/books/the-revelations-of-preston-black.html

Many thanks to all who participated! You will each receive a PDF of The Revelations of Preston Black. And the three lucky winners below will each receive a signed paperback of one of the books in the series.

Many, many thanks to my Heidi. You're hotter than a pepper sprout!

03 June 2013

BLOG TOUR: Running into Darkness

Check out the stops and enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card or PayPal cash at http://runningintothedarkness.blogspot.com .

BOOTLEG: The Civil Wars, One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, July 8, 2011

In honor of the impending cover reveal for THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK, I've decided to post a little music from a duo that really helped shape the way I saw Katy and Preston when I was writing the novel. (Give Joy a fiddle and plug John Paul into an old Fender Twin and you see where I'm going with this.)

One of the things that always immediately got me with The Civil Wars was the way they completely filled a song's aural space with just vocal harmonies and a guitar.  They put a show together using an amazing variety of tonal textures and tempos, mixing originals and covers so fluidly you'd swear each song was their own. The end result is nothing short of amazing, and I'll always regret never having been able to see a show live.

Oh, yeah. They broke up some time after completing their self-titled second studio album, to be released later this year. With a name like 'The Civil Wars' I guess we should've seen it coming.