28 February 2012

Jason Jack Miller’s Thirty (One) Essentials (With no apologies to Jack Kerouac.)

Find your soul mate. Marry her.

Life is rated in miles traveled rather than dollars earned.

Never be afraid to call off work.

Rob from Peter to pay Paul always. Especially when food or travel is involved.

You can never have too many guitars.

Never apologize for liking what you like.

Have a favorite hiking trail. And a second, and a third, and so on.

Summer chores (in order of importance): write, play guitar and drink bourbon on the porch, go to the mountains to swim, nap with the wife and the cat, cut grass.

Never choose cities over mountains or beaches. Never choose mountains over cities or beaches. Never choose beaches over mountains or cities.

Passports go bad if you don’t use them.

Music must always be playing in the background.

Eat sushi, Mexican food, cheeseburgers, pizza, and Indian food regularly for balance.

Bikes are meant to be ridden, not admired.

Never buy cheap alcohol.

Read the books you buy.

Star parties all summer long.

Love and torture the cat with equal enthusiasm.

Find a new band, a new writer, and a new restaurant every month.

Never settle for mediocre Chinese take-out.

Not finishing a hike is fine as long as you promise right then and there to finish it the next time.

Know how to change a bike tube and use a chain tool.

John said, “All you need is love,” but he was the only person on earth able to live without The Beatles. You need to know why they are the greatest if you don’t already.

No matter what local delight a back road gas station has for sale in a basket on a counter, buy it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a moon pie or boiled peanuts.

Learn the differences between black, green and oolong, and have a favorite.

It is perfectly acceptable to go out for ice cream every night of the week between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Attend at least one life-changing concert per year.

Memorize quotes from movies and TV shows.

Favorite hats and t-shirts must never be thrown away. They must either disappear or disintegrate.

Know the people at your favorite restaurants on a first name basis.

The letters should be wearing off of your computer’s keyboard.

Don’t stop the carnival.

My soul mate is much more succinct, and needs only one essential: “Beauty, love, and art. A little house, many books, cherished friends and family. Good food, unique experiences, daily delights, and appreciating them all.”

26 February 2012

Happy birthday, Johnny Cash!


...when a local cop showed up he asked Stu, "What are you hanging around here for?" and Stu said, quoting Johnny Cash, "For whatever's about to go down, that's what for."

Country Style, USA is a series of 15-minute radio and film programs produced by the US Army as a recruiting aid from 1957 to 1960 featuring top American country music artists. Each year 13 episides were produced in Nashville, Tennessee and distributed to local radio and TV stations.

Johnny Cash and the original Tennessee Two, Luther Perkins and Marshall Grant.

These are vintage radio broadcast transcription discs (at times you can “hear” the vinyl which adds flavor). The sound quality is amazing.

Country Style USA is from 1958, Guest Star is from 1959.

Download the show at SUGARMEGS.

1) Country Style USA Intro
2) Hey Porter
3) I Walk The Line
4) “Join The Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
5) Rock Island Line (Johnny says they haven’t recorded it yet)
6) So Doggone Lonesome
7) Country Style USA Outro
8) Country Style USA Intro
9) Folsom Prison Blues
10) Cry Cry Cry
11) “Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
12) I Was There When It Happened
13) Get Rhythm (“Our latest release on Sun”)
14) Country Style USA Outro
15) Guest Star Intro
16) Country Boy
17) Chat w/ Johnny
18) Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
19) Johnny Cash “Buy Savings Bonds” spot
20) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
21) Guest Star Outro