04 June 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK Johnny Cash and the Carter Family, Wembley Arena, London, U.K. 1986-03-31


    "In the process I found out a little about the place where I was born."
    I took a deep breath and picked out a slow, soft "Wildwood Flower." At the 'I will dance I will sing' part Katy stepped up to the mic and joined me.
    Right then and there an amazing thing happened. In these kids who threw down J├Ąger by the pint every Friday night, I managed to induce images of the buckwheat cakes and the lonely hollows they went back to every Saturday morning. I had to let them know that I knew, and playing that song created a common ground. They were mountaineers not just in the hoodies and ball caps they wore to football games. That's why they sang "Take Me Home, Country Roads" every week at the top of their lungs. The hall stood frozen, like in an old photograph. It was so quiet Katy could've played unplugged.

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Johnny Cash.

He bridged the gap between traditional music and punk before Rick Rubin ever got the big idea to have Johnny cover Soundgarden and NIN.

Consider the following examples:

"I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die." Johnny Cash, FOLSOM PRISON BLUES versus "Somebody got murdered, his name cannot be found. A small stain on the pavement, they'll scrub it off the ground." The Clash, SOMEBODY GOT MURDERED

"One morning at breakfast, I said to my wife, we been everywhere once and some places twice. As I had another helping of country ham, she said "We ain't never been to Vietnam,and there's a bunch of our boys over there." So we went to the Orient: Saigon." Johnny Cash, SINGIN' IN VIET NAM TALKIN'BLUES versus "Well you'll work harder with a gun in your back. For a bowl of rice a day, slave for soldiers, till you starve, then your head is skewered on a stake." Dead Kennedys, HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA

"Well, I woke up Sunday morning, with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt. And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad,so I had one more for dessert. Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes and found my cleanest dirty shirt. Then I washed my face and combed my hair and stumbled down the stairs to meet the day." Johnny Cash, SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN versus "I went downtown to look for a job, I had no training, no experience to speak of. I looked at the holes in my jeans and turned and headed back." Social D, STORY OF MY LIFE

Okay, so this isn't exactly a doctoral dissertation, but I think I've made my case. With a longer attention span I could've done three or four more comparisons. But I don't have to--look at the picture! This is the man who kicked out the lights at the Grand Ole Opry, saying, "The band kicked off a song, and I tried to take the microphone off the stand. In my nervous frenzy, I couldn't get it off. That was enough to make me explode in a fit of anger. I took the mic stand, threw it down, then dragged it along the edge of the stage. There were 52 lights, and I wanted to break all 52, which I did."

Johnny's biggest contribution to punk is the idea that we can all be redeemed. Without redemption, or a shot of redemption, all that anger is for nothing. I think we all want a chance to scream at the top of our lungs, but we can only do this if we know somebody's going to listen, and that they're going to forgive us when we're done.

Download the show at Sugarmegs.com

Johnny Cash and The Carter Family
Wembley Arena, Wembley Country Festival, London, U.K.

Johnny Cash : Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Bob Wootton : Lead Guitar
Earl 'Pool' Ball : Piano, Vocals
Jim Soley : Guitar
Joe Allen : Bass Guitar, Vocals
W.S. Holland : Drums
Jack Hale Jr: Trumpet, French Horn
Bob Lewin : French Horn


Carter Family:
June Carter : Autoharp, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Anita Carter: Vocals
Helen Carter: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

guest: John Schneider (Highwayman, Daddy Sang Bass), Carlene Carter (Elbow Room + more??)

June, Anita, Helen (and Carlene?) appear on more tunes (towards the end of the show) than indicated ... songs are shown as "with June" when June is more-or-less duetting, on other tunes she (and her sisters) share backing vocals.

Lineage: FM broadcast(taped, not live)>cassette>SW1000XG>wav>CEP (minor editing only, + normalisation)>CDWAV>CD.

CD#1 :
1. Intro Medley (Johnny Cash Band) (2:40)
2. Ring Of Fire (2:41)
3. Folsom Prison Blues (2:40)
4. Sunday Morning Coming Down (3:37)
5. Any Old Wind That Blows (2:44)
6. These Hands (2:35)
7. Here Comes That Rainbow Again (2:17)
8. Love Is The Way (2:00)
9. The Highwayman (with John Schneider) (2:43)
10. Big River (2:32)
11. I Guess Things Happen That Way (1:30)
12. Band Introductions (0:27)
13. Fairweather Friends (2:38)
14. Piano Solo (Earl 'Pool' Ball) (3:48)
15. One Piece At A Time (4:23)
16. Forty Shades Of Green (2:18)
17. Ghost Riders In The Sky (3:56)
Total Time : [51:07]

CD#2 :
18. If I Were A Carpenter (with June) (2:04)
19. Jackson (with June) (2:22)
Carter Family (June, Helen, Anita):
20. June Carter Introduction (1:28)
21. Wabash Cannonball (June Carter) (1:52)
22. San Antonio Rose (June Carter) (1:04)
23. Elbow Room (Carter Family with Carlene Carter) (3:23)
24. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (Anita) (3:28)
25. Foggy Mountain Top (Carter Family) (2:38)
26. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Carter Family) (3:52)
27. Wildwood Flower jam (Johnny Cash Band) (0:21)
28. Wreck Of The Old '97 (with June) (2:52)
29. A Thing Called Love (2:21)
30. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (3:02)
31. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord (3:26)
32. Daddy Sang Bass (with John Schneider) (2:12)
33. Outro (Johnny Cash Band) (0:37)
34. Casey Jones (1:25)
35. Orange Blossom Special (3:35)
36. I Walk The Line (2:07)
Total Time : [49:16]

2011 WRITING PERSPECTIVE A Whole Six Months Later (You've gotta be slightly stupid.)

I have a book out there.

It's on Amazon.com and B&N.com and the Apple iBook store.

I'd call it an indie book, but some writers don't want to let go of that term just yet. Small press writers mostly, it seems. They consider themselves 'indie' even though there's nothing independent about their own publication process. They've been edited and had covers created for them. Most didn't have a hand in any of their own distribution or marketing. The only thing indie about them is the number of books they've sold.

My book is self-published.

I published it myself. I built my cover from scratch. I formatted the book myself. Sent my book to readers and discussed changes and edits with them. I secured a few blurbs from some good friends who were willing to help a guy out. I sent review requests and .PDFs to hundreds of bloggers and reviewers. I've engaged hundreds, if not thousands of readers on Twitter, blogs and blog collectives.

I am an indie author.

I published my book myself.

Over the last ten years I've spent thousands of hours writing queries and synopses, researching agents and publishers, small and large, attending conferences and conventions, pitching, networking, working on my writing degree, writing and submitting short stories and non-fiction articles to magazines and newspapers.

Snooki didn't do any of that, and Snooki has been published. Snooki is not a writer. Snooki, no doubt, has sold a few books.

I am prepared to defend my right to publish the way I want.

Why do so many writers hate the idea of self-publishing? I didn't cheat to get my book out there. I didn't lie to or sleep with an editor. I sat down at my laptop and wrote the hell out of it.

Why does the way I decide to pursue happiness even matter to you at all?

Maybe it's because people are reading me. Maybe it's because I'm spending more time working on my fiction than I am writing queries. Maybe it's because I'm interacting with readers on a daily basis instead of waiting for the rejection that comes every 3 months. Maybe it's because I've learned more in the last six months than I have in the last ten years about the industry and readers. Maybe it's because I am having fun and am rewarded for my writing on a daily basis. I sure don't know where that attitude comes from, but I've seen it enough to know it exists.

I have readers. A few. But I've learned more from a few readers than I ever did from an agent, and I've earned and cherish every contact I've made. There is a small, but growing, group of people who know my characters and my plot, who feel like they've been to the places I've written about. And I have a few people who can't wait for my next book.

Now for the stupid part.

If you get a chance, read my earlier writing perspective to compare to this one. I start the post by talking about Joe Strummer's band before The Clash and the independent nature of those early gigs. You see, I kind of admire Joe Strummer for doing it on his own terms. I like the way he stood for what he stood for without making apologies. He was a regular guy, just like me. When I started writing I always had a bit of an inferiority complex because I wasn't an English or Creative Writing major. I got over that complex by doing what Joe did--playing to my own strengths.

It was Joe Strummer that said to make it in the music business, “You've gotta be slightly stupid.”

Publishing my own book may have been the stupidest thing I've ever done. Throwing a potential writing career down the tubes to do it on my own terms? Please. When you put it like that it does come off as pretty stupid. But I'd do it all again tomorrow in a heartbeat.

How do I know I did the right thing?

A few months ago I posted a link to some Clash bootlegs, hoping to establish the tone of my blog and get some good energy out there. This morning I woke up to a new comment on that post. A photographer who'd been backstage at a few of the Clash Bond's Casino shows left a link to photos he'd taking during the set and after. I clicked the link, and there was Joe, looking back over his shoulder at me from 31 years ago this week. I got goose bumps. Like Joe had somehow reached through time and space to give me a slight nod of approval.

Something I had put into the universe elicited that response.

That's how I know I am doing the right thing.

I am writing my future. I am not going to let it be written for me.



03 June 2011


Just got off the phone with Hatch Show Print out of Nashville, TN--they're going to fax me a rough cover for THE DEVIL AND PRESTON BLACK on Monday!! Very exciting, indeed.

Special thanks to Jim Sherraden for all your patience, and Brad for the design!

Watch the video to see why I'm so excited.

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[Indie Book Collective] BLOG TOUR DE TROOPS IS OVER

Got this message from a Goodreads group today:

We paid it forward to the men and women who safeguard our freedom!


That is the excitement that was shared when we announced that 10,000 ebooks were being sent to our troops! But wait there's more! We are also sending 7 Kindles to them thanks to the generous donations we received! #howcoolisthat? This was all due to the outpouring of emotion and gratitude, from all authors involved, to donate additional ebooks so that we could reach our goal.

We can not thank everyone involved enough for sharing your heartfelt stories and words of encouragement. This was truly an amazing event that brought together people from around the world.

We would like to share with you a few of the comments that touched us:

“As a disabled vet, I would like to thank you for providing books for the men and women of the armed forces. A good book comes in handy on those lonely nights.”

"My brother, Tom, and I promised each other we would hike the Appalachian Trail after our military duty. It was not to be, he was killed in action in Vietnam in 1968. In 2007 my wonderful spouse, Jane, convinced me that I should do the hike. I took his Purple Heart Medal, put it in my belly bag and set off to complete a 43 year old promise.
I got as far as Virginia and had to take 300 days off from the hike for a six-artery bypass operation. Rehabilitated, I continued on the hike and finished carrying his medal to Mt. Katahdin in Maine, 2,176 miles (3500 km). Another Memorial Day passes and the pain eases, but I will never forget the Marine that was my brother."

"I’m not American, I’m Canadian. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t support the American Troops and our neighbors next door! All the best to everyone overseas."

While we can't list all of the comments, please know that we were inspired by the overwhelming response that this tour generated.

We thought we would also share with you the Smashword rankings for some of the author's ebooks that you received:

A Walk in the Snark hit #1 in Entertainment

Play Fling hit #1 in Romance

Sand by Lili Tufel is #1 in Thriller and Suspense

Perfect Copy by Judith Gaines is #2 in Thriller and Suspense

The Writer by Augusto Pinaud is #4 in Thriller and Suspense

Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden is #1 in Fantasy

Sunset: Pact Arcanum by Arshad Ahsanuddin is #2 in Fantasy

Excuse me, My brains have stepped out by Pandora Poikilos is #1 in Women's Fiction

Pen, Paper, Action! by Sonia Rumzi is #2 in Women's Fiction

and the list goes on!!

If you enjoyed your ebook, don't forget to leave a review as a thank you for their generosity!

Wait a minute. We're forgetting something. #ohyeah! We still have to give away a Kindle to one of the commenters. Tune in to our IBC Blog Talk Radio Show on Tuesday at 430 pm PST, where we will announce the winner.

Do you think you can handle another blog tour? #ofcourse Our Menage a Blog is coming up July 18th - 22nd. So be sure to mark your calendars. 3 authors per day for 5 days will have to flirt to the finish! *Menage refers to the authors competing, not necessarily their books.

Thank you again for making all of this possible! We couldn't have done it without you!

What an awesome experience, I am glad to have participated in it. Thank you!

01 June 2011

Authors Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Ruby Miller featured June 16 at MAC

Thursday, June 16 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Monongalia Arts Center (MAC)
107 High St, Morgantown, West Virginia

Husband and wife authors Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Rudy Miller will be featured with Morgantown Poets at 7pm Thursday June 16 at Monongalia Arts Center (MAC). An Open Mic follows immediately thereafter.

Jason Jack Miller is a writer, photographer and musician. An outdoor travel guide he co-authored with his wife in 2006 jumpstarted his freelancing career; his work has since appeared in newspapers, magazines, literary journals, online, and as part of a travel guide app for mobile phones. He received a Master’s in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill where he is adjunct creative writing faculty, and he is an Authors Guild member. He is currently writing and recording the soundtrack to his novel, The Devil and Preston Black.

After obtaining undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Geography,
is now adjunct faculty at Seton Hill University, where she graduated
from their Writing Popular Fiction graduate program the same month she appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Her fiction has appeared in Sails and Sorcery: Tales of Nautical Fantasy, The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008, and Eye Contact. Her novels include Atomic Zion and Ambasadora. She is a member of The Authors Guild, Pennwriters, and the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Public parking is available near the MAC in the parking garage at the
corner of Pleasant and Chestnut Streets and at the city lot behind 142
High Street (enter off Spruce). The MAC is accessible to individuals with special mobility requirements; schedule ahead at least two days prior to the event by calling 304-292-3325, or write to info@monartscenter.com.

31 May 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK Grateful Dead, Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, February 26, 1977


    Jerry strummed a banjo. As he plucked he said, "Satan's already been defeated, he just don't know it yet. He'll soon get all he has coming to him. Woe to my children for the devil's coming down on you with great wrath, because he knows that he ain't got but a short time."
    In the hospital room the air kicked on, chilling the sweat that had formed on my skin. I folded my arms over my t-shirt, a shirt I had when I was little. Optimus Prime held up a laser pistol with one hand. With the other he waved with a half pointed finger, like Bumblebee, Jazz and Bluestreak would appear on the horizon any second to kick Megatron's whiny ass. The red shirt, worn thin and soft by thousands of washings had been my favorite.
    I asked, "What do I have to do? To save myself?"


For so many years the Grateful Dead were summer to me. Probably had a lot to do with the moving of rafting operations from the Cheat in West Virginia to the Lower Yough in Ohiopyle. Being closer to home gave the guides more time to hang out and goof-off before and after trips. Life at the campgrounds was in full-swing. Days got warmer. Laurels bloomed. You saw the same group of guys over and over. The guys you worked with, and relied on, became your family.

This show opens with TERRAPIN STATION, which is my ultimate GD song. I can't listen to it in January unless I'm in a self-punishing type of mood. When I hear this song wildflowers burst open in wide, sunny mountain meadows. A giant moon rises over the pines followed by an even bigger Venus. Maybe there's a campfire. Tea is brewing.

From TERRAPIN STATION lyrics by Robert Hunter:

Inspiration, move me brightly, light the song with sense and color,
Hold away despair.
More than this I will not ask, faced with mysteries dark and vast.
Statements just seem vain at last.
Some rise, some fall, some climb to get to Terrapin.

Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright,
The spiral light of Venus, rising first and shining best.
On, from the northwest corner, of a brand new crescent moon,
Crickets and cicadas sing, a rare and different tune,
Terrapin Station.

This sbd sounds amazing. Worth a stream or download.

Grateful Dead Live at Swing Auditorium on 1977-02-26 (February 26, 1977)

1 Terrapin Station 10:57
2 New Minglewood Blues 04:56
3 They Love Each Other 07:05
4 Estimated Prophet 07:09
5 Sugaree 11:04
6 Mama Tried 02:44
7 Deal 05:50
8 Playin' in the Band 14:00
9 The Wheel 04:58
10 Playin' in the Band 05:31
11 Samson and Delilah 06:07
12 Tennessee Jed 08:42
13 The Music Never Stops 06:19
14 Help on the Way > Slipknot! 13:22
15 Franklin's Tower 13:23
16 Promised Land 04:13
17 Eyes of the World 11:45
18 Dancin' in the Streets 10:00
19 Around and Around 07:00
20 U.S. Blues 06:11

Collection: GratefulDead
Band/Artist: Grateful Dead
Date: February 26, 1977 (check for other copies)
Venue: Swing Auditorium
Location: San Bernardino, CA

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: SBD > Master Reel > PCM > DAT > CD-R
Transferred by: AlphaDog
Keywords: Live concert


Terrapin Station, Minglewood Blues, They Love Each Other, Estimated Prophet, Sugaree, Mama Tried, Deal, Playing In The Band > The Wheel > Playing In The Band Samson & Delilah, Tennessee Jed, The Music Never Stopped, Help On The Way-> Slipknot!-> Franklin's Tower, Promised Land, Eyes Of The World-> Dancin' In The Streets-> Around & Around, E: U.S. Blues