15 April 2009

Fear and Knowing

Is fear supposed to liberate or debilitate?

Why is it important for some people to live in an environment of fear?

On Easter Sunday, when a lot of people were about to dig into ham and sweet potatoes, I took a step toward the edge of the bubble I'd been living in for years. Dave Buchanan had been telling us about a trail that ran from Baughman Rocks overlook to Ohiopyle. What he didn't say was that probably wasn't ready for it yet.

The trail from Sugarloaf drops over 500' in less than 4 miles. That includes sections of softball-sized rock that moves beneath the bike's tires, a few downed trees, and streams. I'm proud to say that I only walked one section. The rest of the time was pretty much holding on for dear life. I put my bike through its first real test, and came trough with a shattered dork disc and a busted spoke. Not too shabby.

There are more epic rides, of that I'm certain. But this was a hell of a lot of fun. I'm ready for more.

13 April 2009

Can't wait for summer!

First epic ride of the year yesterday. Busted my cherry on Sugarloaf Surprise. Now if summer would just get here a little faster. Here's a video of one of the downhill trails at Seven Springs. Who else is in?

7 Springs 007 Trail from DH Productions LLC on Vimeo.