29 November 2010

Yinz Coin Any New Words Today?

I can't believe this is still largely undefined.


Member of Pittsburgh's yinzer elite. Membership requirements include, but aren't limited to forever rejecting Rolling Rock for leaving Latrobe, being able to recite the play-by-play of the Francisco Cabrers's two-run single in the Pirates' 1992 NLCS playoff loss to Atlanta, knowing the #1 Best Seller at Primanti's isn't a sandwich, thinking Kennywood is better than Walt Disney World, thinking Joe Grushecky is better than Springsteen, having worked at National Record Mart at some point in their life, shedding a tear during a reminiscence of Mr. Rogers, going to Monroeville Mall to reenact scenes from DAWN OF THE DEAD on a date.

Honorary members include Roberto Clemente, Mario Lemieux and Bill Cowher, who's membership was revoked in 2009 when he sounded the pre-game warning siren at a Penguin-Canes NHL playoff game.


You ain't no yinzerati if you go to Primanti's and ask for fries on the side.

Aw, man. I made too many pierogies. Call up the yinzerati to help me eat 'em.

Me and the yinzerati are going to the Slovak Club if you want to come.
by JJMiller on Nov 29, 2010

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