07 December 2010

THE CLASH Bond's International Casino, NYC 1981-05-29

Listening to this show right now-sound is a little tinny and thin, but the energy is crazy. LONDON CALLING is as fast as I've ever heard it. You could tell the band loved their residency in New York. SAFE EUROPEAN HOME is phenomenal. WHITE MAN IN HAMMERSMITH PALAIS is one of the best I've heard.

This is the second of 17 shows the band played. They were scheduled to do 8, but the fire marshals, fearing trouble, changed the capacity of the club. Rather than disappoint fans, The Clash played until all ticket-holders were satisfied.

Disc 1
2.London Calling
3.Safe European Home
4.The Leader
5.Somebody Got Murdered
6.White Man In Ham Palais
7.The Guns Of Brixton
8.This Is Radio Clash (corrupt file missing from sugarmegs stream)
9.The Call Up
10.Complete Control
11.Junco Partner

1.Lightning Strikes
2.Ivan Meets GI Joe
3.Charlie Don't Surf
4.Bank Robber
5.The Magnificent Seven
6.Wrong 'Em Boyo
7.Train In Vain
8.Career Opportunities
10.One More Time
11.Brand New Cadillac
12 Washington Bullets
13.Janie Jones
14.Armagideon Time
15.Police & Thieves
16.I'm So Bored with the USA

Listen to show here :

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