21 December 2010

RADIOHEAD, Victoria Park, Cheshire, Warrington, England 10/02/2000

Here's a sweet-sounding show from the month KID A was released. 1999 was a tough year for the group-the success of OK COMPUTER brought a lot of unwanted attention. Some in Britain called saw KID A as a chance to fail in order to wipe the slate clean, calling the record a "commercial suicide note" and "intentionally difficult".

Thom Yorke denied all the hype, saying, "I was really, really amazed at how badly [Kid A] was being viewed ... because the music's not that hard to grasp. We're not trying to be difficult ... We're actually trying to communicate but somewhere along the line, we just seemed to piss off a lot of people ... What we're doing isn't that radical."


Radiohead, Victoria Park, Cheshire, Warrington, England 10/02/00

Disc 1
01. The National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. Airbag
04. Karma Police
05. In Limbo
06. Optimistic
07. Paranoid Android
08. Permanent Daylight
09. Egyptian Song
10. Street Spirit
11. Climbing Up The Walls
12. Dollars And Cents
13. Talk Show Host
14. Lucky
15. Idiotheque

Disc 2
01. Just
02. Everything In Its Right Place
03. Exit Music (For A Film)
04. The Thief
05. The Bends
06. How To Disappear Completely
07. Motion Picture Soundtrack
08. My Iron Lung

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