26 December 2010

WILCO, 2009.05.29 Festival Territorios, Sevilla, Spain

This is a little Christmas present for everybody I didn't get anything for. The show is one I listen to a lot because of the good sound quality, and it's a nice sampler of one of my favorite bands.

Wilco has been called an American Radiohead, but I'm not sure that label fits. Radiohead is Oxford, Wilco is community college. And I think Wilco doesn't take themselves so seriously. They started back in the 90s as an alt-country band--another label that doesn't apply to the band in 2010. At best, Jeff Tweedy's a songwriter who isn't afraid to put a little too much of himself out there, Neil Young for those of us who graduated high school to the sounds of NEVERMIND and BADMOTORFINGER. His lyrics are full of clever cynicism and muffled optimism--things aren't great but at least I'm not dead. He's the kind of guy who'll yell at people in the audience for talking during a song--which I think is awesome.

The band takes liberties with our conceptions of what a rock band should be. Even though we don't hear a lot of it in this show (probably because it's a short set to a foreign audience) the band let a song build layer by layer. Acoustic, rock, alt-country, electronica, traditional... Guitarist Nels Cline isn't afraid to let a squeal of electronic jibberish wail over a delicately strumming acoustic guitar. (see: I AM TRYING TO BREAK YOUR HEART) Somehow it fits.

Wilco, to me, is a lot like Gorgonzola. I couldn't conceive of liking it ten years ago. Now I can't get enough of it.

Only criticism of this show--the DJs are annoying as poop on your shoe.

Check them out at http://www.wilcoworld.net/




Live 2009.05.29
Festival Territorios
Sevilla, Spain

RNE3 FM Broadcast


Analog FM >> [PC >>] Goldwave (WAV) >> dBpowerAMP (FLAC - lowest compression, level 0) >> DIME

As usual with RNE3, this broadcast includes annoying comments from DJs that don't stop even when Jeff has started singing (i.e. "Walken") - I've kept those comments as separate tracks.
The sound is better than the Black Crowes' show I uploaded a couple of weeks ago. Sample included (see comments)


Wilco (The Song)
Handshake Drugs
One Wing
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
A Shot in the Arm
At Least That's What You Said
You Are My Face
Bull Black Nova
Jesus, etc
Impossible Germany
You Never Know
Hate It Here
I'm the Man Who Loves You
Spiders (Kidsmoke)

T.R.T.: 1h. 22' 28" (WinAMP)
31 Tracks - 15 songs

Tracks 01, 03, 05...= DJ comments

1. Wilco - TS01 (0:04)
2. Wilco - TS02 - Wilco (The Song) (2:58)
3. Wilco - TS03 (0:26)
4. Wilco - TS04 - Handshake Drugs (5:35)
5. Wilco - TS05 (0:45)
6. Wilco - TS06 - One Wing (3:28)
7. Wilco - TS07 (0:31)
8. Wilco - TS08 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (5:51)
9. Wilco - TS09 (0:22)
10. Wilco - TS10 - A Shot in the Arm (4:19)
11. Wilco - TS11 (0:31)
12. Wilco - TS12 - At Least That's What You Said (4:57)
13. Wilco - TS13 (0:46)
14. Wilco - TS14 - You Are My Face (4:11)
15. Wilco - TS15 (0:28)
16. Wilco - TS16 - Bull Black Nova (5:40)
17. Wilco - TS17 (0:35)
18. Wilco - TS18 - Jesus, etc (3:50)
19. Wilco - TS19 (0:28)
20. Wilco - TS20 - Impossible Germany (5:53)
21. Wilco - TS21 (0:32)
22. Wilco - TS22 - You Never Know (4:03)
23. Wilco - TS23 (0:39)
24. Wilco - TS24 - Hate It Here (4:18)
25. Wilco - TS25 (0:41)
26. Wilco - TS26 - Walken (4:20)
27. Wilco - TS27 (0:42)
28. Wilco - TS28 - I'm the Man Who Loves You (3:49)
29. Wilco - TS29 (0:26)
30. Wilco - TS30 - Spiders (Kidsmoke) (10:54)
31. Wilco - TS31 (0:26)




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