09 March 2011

Public Education in PA to be cut by $1 billion


2010-2011 Actual State Budget Funding: $16,456,000

2011-2012 Proposed State Budget Funding: $14,056,022

2011-2012 Proposed State Budget Cut: $2,399,978

Public Education in PA to be cut by $1 billion

Today Governor Corbett unveiled the state budget that he is sending to the House and Senate for their consideration. The proposed cuts will have real and lasting consequences for your students and for you.

See how Governor Corbett's budget will impact your district at www.psea.org/schoolcuts.

If the Governor's budget stands, many of you who are reading this will not have a job next year. I am deeply saddened by this fact. I am also very concerned about the impact of these cuts on the children we teach and the great strides we have made over the past six years. Learn more at www.psea.org/goodnews.

We will share more information as we continue our analysis of the budget and accompanying legislation. I'm sure you have already heard about the Governor’s call for all public education employees to accept a one year pay freeze. I have scheduled a webinar with your local president within the week to discuss this and other issues regarding the Governor’s budget.

Policy Changes
For today, you need to know that in addition to slashing public education by 9.9%, the Governor is proposing many sweeping policy changes including, but not limited to:

* Elimination of State Support for Master's Salary Increases. No state subsidy to pay school employees beyond the bachelor's column.
* Private and Religious School Vouchers. Diverting tax dollars to private and religious school tuition.
* Economic Furloughs. Allowing school districts to furlough school employees for factors other than seniority.
* Property Tax Referenda. Voter approval for any property tax increase over inflation at the school district level.
* Merit Pay. Providing state resources to guide local districts in the development of merit pay plans.
* Lowering Standards. The governor's proposal lowers standards for becoming a teacher or a school nurse.

Please know that your PSEA Officers, Board of Directors, and staff all stand ready to partner with you in these serious financial and policy debates.

To prevail in these discussions, YOUR voice must be heard and I need you to stand up for your students, your job, and public education.

Act Now
E-mail your legislators to express your concern over Governor Corbett's proposed budget.

Take Action Now

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