13 April 2011

Call to action!

Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee voted on an amended voucher bill (SB1) out of committee. This is the bill for tuition vouchers. Remember that these vouchers will take public school money away and give it to schools that are NOT accountable to taxpayers and that are not held to the same rules as we are. There was more debate in committee than anticipated from Senators who have heard our voices. A vote on the floor of the Senate is expected within the next few days, so it is imperative that we turn up the pressure now. We need everyone to call their local senators. Even if you've made the call before, we need you to do it again, because this may be the call that pushes the vote back and allows us more time to convince legislators how wrong they are on this issue. Please call. It will only take a minute of your time. Do not assume that everyone else will do it. It has to be everyone!


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