11 May 2011

THE MUSIC AND JASON JACK MILLER Bob Marley, Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA, December 2, 1979

It's a big joke that every white kid gets a copy of Bob Marley LEGEND at freshman orientation, but for me it was REBEL MUSIC and it was my junior year in high school. Must have been all those skip days to Morgantown with Harold and Jim. Following the smell of patchouli into COOL RIDGE on High Street. I can't remember swimming in Meadow Run or jumping off the bridge into the Yough without hearing REBEL MUSIC in my mind.

In the golden months between Cheat Season and July, Mike Duff and I would sit around playing Redemption Song in his old Chevy van. Something about Bob Marley and summer and rivers.

Then one day WAR cocked me right between the eyes. 'This cat is serious,' I remember thinking, and it embarrassed me that I'd been so superficial with regard to his music.

It took me a few more years to figure out KAYA, and THREE LITTLE BIRDS and POSITIVE VIBRATION was his way of saying your glass isn't always half-empty and it isn't always half-full. Sometimes you just got to drink what's in it.


I found an AMAZING show on Sugarmegs.com. Amazingly clear. Download it here and give LEGEND to your little brother.

Bob Marley & The Wailers
December 2, 1979
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium
Santa Cruz, CA

Excellent sound quality pre-broadcast soundboard recordings from best circulating copies.

CD#1: Early show main set 67:28
01 crowd noise & Bob's talk before 1st song 0:29
02 > Rastaman Vibration 5:14
03 Wake Up and Live 5:19
04 Them Belly Full 3:25
05 Concrete Jungle 5:10
06 I Shot The Sheriff 4:28
07 Running Away 3:25
08 > Crazy Baldhead 4:19
09 Ambush In The Night 3:57
10 The Heathen 5:06
11 War 4:50
12 > No More Trouble 1:57
13 Ride Natty Ride 4:25
14 Africa Unite 4:25
15 One Drop 4:11
16 JamminÕ 6:33
17 thank yous & crowd noise before encores 0:08

CD#2: Early show encores 17:19
01 Is This Love? 3:28
02 Natty Dread 3:43
03 Exodus 4:26
04 > Get Up Stand Up 5:40

CD#3: Late show main set 65:21
01 crowd noise & intro before 1st song 0:23 [from alternate cassette source]
02 Rastaman Vibration 5:17
03 Wake Up and Live 5:06
04 I Shot The Sheriff 4:36
05 Them Belly Full 3:35
06 Concrete Jungle 5:42
07 Ambush In The Night 3:51
08 Running Away 3:13
09 > Crazy Baldheads 4:04
10 Heathen 4:28
11 Ride Natty Ride 4:16
12 War 4:15
13 > No More Trouble 1:46
14 Africa Unite 4:17
15 One Drop 3:59
16 Jammin' 6:24

CD#4: Late show encores 25:55
01 No Woman No Cry
02 Natty Dread
03 Is This Love?
04 > Exodus
05 > Get Up Stand Up

These shows were recorded and at least one show was broadcast live by KUSP-FM, who still own the master reels but are not giving them out. These are copies made in 1980 from those masters for one of the sound crew who mixed the show. They loaned him the reels and a Revox A77 so more than one copy was made at the time and these transfers are the best sounding of them.

I guess this wasn't the only live broadcast from their tour, but I remember that KUSP said that they convinced Bob Marley to let these shows be broadcast by telling Bob that KUSP was within range of Soledad Prison and that the prisoners would be allowed to listen to them, so he agreed.

These recordings have circulated widely, but usually as just one show and either from the FM broadcast or from multi-generation copies of these tapes.

Early show lineage: 7.5 ips 1/2 track reel master > Dolby B cassette recorded on Sony TCD5 transferred with Nakamichi Dragon > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > Toast Titanium > CD.

Late show lineage: 7.5 ips 1/2 track reel master > 3.75 ips 1/4 track Dolby B reel recorded & transferred with Tandberg 9241XD > Macintosh with DigiDesign AudioMedia III card > Pro Tools > AIFF > Toast Titanium > CD. This late show reel had a few dropouts, but they are barely noticeable and probably only when listening with headphones.

CD extraction with Toast Titanium > xACT (Flac files created with sector boundaries verified). md5 filw created with checkSUM+.

The encores from both shows can be burned onto one disk if you prefer to burn it that way to save a disc.



  1. The Exodus album was the soundtrack to my senior years at high school... Only have to hear a few notes and I'm 17 again!

  2. For me, the sun shines whenever I listen to Bob Marley.