30 June 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK Dr. Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys, Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa, FL 2009-12-06

Appalachia. Bluegrass. Copperhead. Dogwood. Elderberry. Fiddleheads. Ginseng. Hellbender. Indian pipes. Junco. Kingsnake. Laurel. Mountain lion. Newt. Opossum. Peeper. Queen Anne's Lace. Rattlesnake. Sharp-shinned Hawk. Tulip poplar. Upland Chorus Frog. Vole. White lightning. Yew pine.

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Dr. Ralph Stanley And The Clinch Mountain Boys
The Skipperdome
Skipper's Smokehouse
Tampa, FL
2009-12-06 Sunday

Taped and transferred by capnhook hooknshark@yahoo.com

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Hard Times
d1t03 -band introductions-
d1t04 Room At The Top Of The Stairs
d1t05 O Death
d1t06 I'll Answer The Call
d1t07 If I Lose
d1t08 Big Tilda
d1t09 How Mountain Gals Can Love
d1t10 Little Rosewood Casket
d1t11 The Soldier's Grave
d1t12 Little Maggie
d1t13 Pretty Polly
d1t14 Mountain Dew
d1t15 Stone Walls And Steel Bars
d1t16 White Dove
d1t17 Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
d1t18 I'll Fly Away
d1t19 -it's time for a commercial-
d1t20 Rocky Island
d1t21 Man of Constant Sorrow
d1t22 John The Revelator
d1t23 Clinch Mountain Backstep
d1t24 John Henry
d1t25 Orange Blossom Special

d1t26 Think Of What You've Done
d1t27 -outro-

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Dr. Ralph Stanley - Vocals, Banjo
Ralph Stanley II - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Nathan Stanley - Mandolin
Dewey Brown - Fiddle, Harmony Vocals
James Shelton - Lead Guitar
Steve Sparkman - Banjo
Jimmy Cameron - Bass


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