27 September 2011

Why Indies (and WILCO) Rule!

Tony Margherita, Manager of Wilco & dBpm Records sent this to Wilco's mailing list regarding the release of the band's new album, THE WHOLE LOVE. One of the coolest things about the record, to me, at least, is they they released it themselves on their own label. I love what this world's coming to.

Greetings everyone,

Well, we made it. Wilco's The Whole Love is officially out and available in the U.S., Canada, Europe & U.K., Australia, NZ and beyond. Soon we'll be popping a cork here at HQ because that alone feels like a hell of an accomplishment.

That celebratory feeling brings with it a moment of introspection, because really, what would accomplishment be without it? We were talking this morning and thinking back a few years to the first discussions of starting our own label. It took a while for circumstances to line up in a way that let us pull it off, but today, as we release our first full-length recording on dBpm, I remembered a list of reasons, both pro and con, that I'd written in a notebook when we were debating it. There were a lot of obvious pros and some pretty heavy cons, but the one "pro" that was in big BOLD letters at the top of my list was our confidence in you, the band's fans or the "community," as they call it now. Just like when all that stuff went down way back when (you've probably seen the movie) -- the reason we felt confident that we could persevere, stream YHF, and keep on touring was because we had faith in you. We believed that you'd understand that we needed you to participate when the record finally did come out, and vote with your feet and, yeah, with your dollars. We needed you to buy that record despite the fact that it had been kicking around for a while and to support the band, regardless of what label appeared on the back of the album cover. And of course, you did, in droves.

Things are obviously a lot different now, but it's still because of your support (yeah, we're blaming you) that we felt confident enough to go out and try to prove something yet again (as much to ourselves as to the world outside) -- that we can pull this off on our own terms. In an era where the corporate giant seems to reign supreme pretty much across the board, thanks for enabling us to give this a shot.

So, to summarize: we need you to get out there today, tomorrow or soon and support Wilco, support the new label venture, and support music retail. You can do it all in one fell swoop, here. We promise we'll be pretty much back to normal correspondence -- gig announcements, free streams, etc. very soon.

In the meantime, thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting the band for the 15-plus years you have. Here's to many more.

Cheers & happy Wilco release day.


Tony Margherita, Manager
Wilco & dBpm Records

Check out Wilco at wilcoworld.net.


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