06 February 2012


Sometimes I dream, when I'm awake
about the things I've done.

Knowing if I'd never dreamed the dreams,
somebody else would've come along and
married my wife and bought my house
and closed his eyes every night knowing
he's the better man because of the dreams he had.

He'd have the words out of my mouth and the song out of my heart.
The miles over mountains and city sidewalks. The late nights and early mornings.
All because I never dreamed about being more than I was supposed to be.

But the life and miles are mine.
All because I saved my best dreams for when I was awake.


  1. Lovely--I didn't realize you were a poet along with evrything else you write so well.

    1. Thanks, Jan! I really appreciate that. Sometimes I'm a little nervous about putting stuff like this out there (Don't know why after writing what I did in my novels.) I think in a novel I can hide behind a character, but this is me and it's harder to accept somebody not liking it.

  2. Wow, Baby. Beautiful.

    You know, of course, we would have still ended up together because I'm still dreaming of you.

    1. Yeah, I should've qualified it by saying you dreamed of us being together while I was still trying to figure out what an undergrad really does.

      Thanks, Chica.