10 May 2012

The Allman Brothers Band, Syria Mosque, Pittsburg PA 01/17/71

Awesome shirt, but the corresponding show on Sugarmegs is a little weak. I know it's one of Duane Allman's last one, but there have to be better versions elsewhere. What Sugarmegs does have, is an awesome show from earlier in 1971. 

My only trip to the Syria Mosque was to see Joe Satriani in 1989 or 1990. Don't remember much about it. Can't tell you why. 

Download the show on Sugarmegs.

Allman Brothers Band
Syria Mosque, Pittsburg PA

Statesboro Blues
Trouble No More
Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Midnight Rider
You Don’t Love Me
Whipping Post

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