18 May 2012

Parents of Pennsylvania Students!

Next Tuesday morning, the Senate Education Committee plans to fast-track legislation by amending House Bill 1307 with provisions that could end collective bargaining rights for school employees in financially distressed districts.  In an effort to fast-track the legislative process, members of the Senate Education Committee will attempt to amend the financial distressed provisions of SB 1450 into House Bill 1307. This means the bill would not need to be considered by the House Education Committee and would be one step closer to Governor Tom Corbett’s desk. 

ADDITIONAL BACKGROUND: While the final details are not yet known, PSEA has learned that the proposal being considered by the committee would permit the state to cancel current collective bargaining agreements. Additionally, it would make it easier for districts to close school buildings or convert them into charter schools. The plan also encourages and promotes sub-contracting and privatization. Worse, it guarantees no additional basic education funds to financially distressed districts.  Initially, the plan only will affect four school districts. However, given the current overall state and local education funding situation in Pennsylvania, many more districts are at risk of falling under the provisions of the plan likely to be inserted into House Bill 1307. 

Please reach out to your state Senators, read the script below, and ask them to oppose this misguided overreach.

Hello, can I speak with Senator ______________?
My name is ____________ and I am a ___________ in the ________________ school district.

I’m calling to ask that you oppose the financially distressed legislation under consideration in the Education Committee.
Struggling schools need help, but placing districts under state control, and then allowing for-profit companies to manage districts, open unaccountable charter schools and negate current contracts is neither a workable solution and is possibly unconstitutional.
Please oppose the financially distressed legislation being considered by the Education Committee.   Thank you.

Timothy J. Solobay Senate District 46  

(717) 787-1463 or (724) 746-3762 

Richard A Kasunic Senate District 32

(717) 787-7175  or (724) 626-1611 

Click her for a directory of Pennsylvania state senators.




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