18 June 2012

Happy birthday, Paul! And my PAUL McCARTNEY TOP 9

Happy birthday, Sir Paul!

To note the occasion, here's my PAUL McCARTNEY TOP NINE:

 #9 Lady Madonna

Really got into this one during my voice lessons with Elton Martin. Fun to sing as loud as possible.

#8 Paperback Writer

This one's obvious, isn't it?

#7 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Heavy enough for Hendrix to cover it just after it was released.

#6 I've Just Seen A Face

The lyrics pull you right through. I don't know where he gets the breath to sing it, because I've tried.

#5 Here, There and Everywhere

An achingly beautiful song that shows Paul maturing as a songwriter.

#4 Band on the Run

Part of the allure of this song to me is all of the backstory. How Paul had the bright idea that
recording in Lagos would be loads of fun. The three distinctive parts are a more mature version of the kinds of things he was capable of with The Beatles.

#3 All My Loving

The song that helped me see what the fuss was about. So fun to sing while just banging away on the guitar.

#2 Mother Nature's Son 

I think everybody felt John had cornered the market on simple, thoughtful tunes like this. Totally underrated, in my opinion, because  "Blackbird" usually tops this category.

And a bonus Jack White cover version.

#1 ABBEY ROAD Medley

If anybody ever asked what a dream was supposed to sound like, I'd play them this.

Honorable Mention:

Hello, Goodbye, Martha My Dear, Two of Us, We Can Work It Out, For No One, I Will.

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