10 October 2012

Dog Con Countdown! The Beatles "Martha, My Dear"

#10 Dog Con Countdown! The Beatles "Martha, My Dear." With Dog Con so close, it's time to pull out the big dogs. Yeah, that's right, a dog pun.


  1. Cool video. One doesn't ever hear this song anymore. By the way, forgive my ignorance, what is DogCon?

  2. Dog Con is a unique gathering of writers and creative types sponsored by my publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press. Translated more loosely, Dog Con means 'off the hook.'

    And I LOVE some of The Beatles 'B' stuff, as if any of these could really be called 'B-list.' This one, "I Will," "Cry, Baby, Cry." I love all of them. "Here, There, and Everywhere" is another.