06 December 2013

John Lennon Cover Project!

In an effort to try to stay positive this weekend, I'm spending it listening to all of the music Lennon gave us. I've written other posts about what his music means to me, and what he means to me, so I figured I'd do something a little different and compile my favorite Lennon covers. Here are just a few from his time with The Beatles and from his solo stuff, played by people who are also very important to me.

Hope you enjoy them!


  1. These are great. My personal favorite Lennon cover is Neil Young's cover of "Imagine" that he did at some 9/11 thing in 2001. Young's vulnerable warble really made the song...

  2. Thanks for the comment, Katy!

    It's funny, because I thought long and hard about an "Imagine" cover. Jack Johnson did one too. In the end I figured that was a song I would leave untouched for the time being.

    You listen to the Lennon BERMUDA stuff yet? Some really nice covers there.