26 July 2014

Excerpt from THE RHYTHM OF WAR, Despumation #1

At the moment, I'm trying to finish up a draft of ALL SAINTS, the follow-up to THE REVELATIONS OF PRESTON BLACK. I describe the novel as THE LIFE OF PI meets THE WIZARD OF OZ. It's Ben's story, and it picks up shortly after the events in REVELATIONS. I wrote THE RHYTHM OF WAR as a way to understand Ben. I knew him superficially, and figured writing this would be a really good opportunity to deepen him. 

Read more about DESPUMATION #1 here: http://despumationpress.com/
Or pick up the eBook or print version at Amazon.com.

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  1. Anxiously awaiting All Saints - and will be reading Desumpmation tonight.

    Just the little excerpt you posted here gave me goose bumps...

    When I was a teenager, something was killing our horses so some friends and I decided we'd sit out at the land with our guns and gin and have a bonfire and take care of that. It was probably well after midnight, many ghost stories, and far too much booze when we heard just that scream you mention. It was so loud it sounded like it came from within us. Makes your blood run cold. When we realized he was in the tree over our heads, and who knows how long he'd been there just watching, our blood ran even colder. Long story short - we lived, as did the horses, and another was never killed after that - for whatever reason.

    Your writing always draws me in. Takes me places. Makes me remember things I had forgotten. Can't wait to read The Rhythm of War - and All Saints!