01 March 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK The Clash, Bond's International Casino, New York, NY, June 13, 1981

Here's another show from The Clash's stand at Bond's. Kind of pulled it at random out of a folder and had it playing while I finished a final draft on my novel.

I know I went into some of this a little before, but Joe Strummer really gives me what I need to get through some shitty times. This business of publishing books is merciless--nobody ever told me otherwise. But listening to some of these shows reminds me why I'm doing it. I'm working on something I believe in, and I'm not going to wait for a gatekeeper to tell me when it's alright to put it out there. If I could bottle just a little of the intensity Joe had for his music...

I've been writing for ten years. For the first five I didn't have a clue. Then I learned about agents and querying and marketing and writing didn't feel as fun. But the changing market makes it all very exciting for me again. I think it's the idea of putting out what I want, when I want without waiting for a marketing department to approve it. Writing this way approximates the way The Clash released their music--on their own terms, even if they lost money. That's why they're the only band that matters, and always will be.

Here's the setlist from http://sugarmegs.org/

The Clash
Bonds International Casino
Times Square, New York (Evening Show)
June 13th 1981

Trade > CDR > EAC > WAV > Traders Little Helper > FLAC

Disc 1

London Calling
Safe European Home
The Leader
Train in Vain
White Man in Ham Palais
Radio Clash
Corner Soul
Guns of Brixton
The Call Up
Complete Control
Lightning Strikes
Ivan Meets GI Joe
Charlie Don't Surf
Magnificent 7

Disc 2

Somebody Got Murdered
Police and Thieves
Career Opportunities
Street Parade
One More Time
Pressure Drop
Washington Bullets
Armagideon Time
Janie Jones
New York Burns
Junco Partner
Brand New Cadilliac
White Riot

Download here: http://www.archive.org/serve/Clash1981-06-13EveningBondsInternationalCasinoNYC/Clash1981-06-13EveningBondsInternationalCasinoNYC.wma


  1. My photos of the Clash @ Bonds. Live & backstage.


  2. Checking them out now. Amazing. Seeing this comment first thing in the morning left me speechless and gave me goosebumps. If you don't mind, I'm going to make a new post directing readers to your site.

    Thank you very, very much.


  3. Jason ...

    Thank you. That's very kind of you. I'd be grateful to have you direct people to my site.

    Goosebumps & or chills are always a good indication that I'm on the right track , or I've found something that resonates with me on a "soul" level. So when you say you were speechless & got goosebumps ... I've done my job well.

    I am now germinating the seed of an idea that was planted a while back, about publishing my own book of my Clash photos. I've "threatened" this before ... but as time slips by there seems to be more urgency. I have a concept for this book. One that no one has done before. Now all I need is to make the time and find the money to do it. We shall see.

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I left a comment/reply there for you too. : )

    Joe Streno