04 March 2011

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Rewritten for Uniontown Area School Board

This is a public service announcement.

Know your rights--all three of them.

Number 1: You have the right to negotiate! Unless it's with the Uniontown Area School Board.

Number 2: You have the right to food money! Providing, of course, you don't mind a little intimidation, humiliation and, if you cross your fingers, association which leads to arbitration.

Number 3: You have the right to free speech! (as long as you're not dumb enough to actually try it.)

Stolen from Joe Strummer.


  1. What a way to put out the message. I don't know how, or what made you come up with the bright idea to mix the whole contract issue with The Clash's Know Your Rights, but..it's brilliant!
    The only part I don't understand about the whole situation is, how come the teachers aren't really allowed to say anything? You know, state their opinion?
    ...and I heard that at a recent meeting, the teachers were offered a 2 year freeze...that's a load of crap...They're already on a freeze, why would they offer them that when they're trying to resolve the matter? That would only make things worse than they already are...It all needs to be settled, and it needs to be settled now.

  2. We can't be critical of our administration or do anything that might be considered insubordinate. You'd be surprised at the rights you relinquish once you get hired by a district. We can't do anything that "shocks the conscience of the community" and that's a pretty nebulous statement.

    The freeze... It's true. We were offered a two year freeze on top of the one year freeze we're already taking.

    And I was working on a version of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES today, but goes a little too far. Maybe it'll end up on Facebook.

  3. Well, this whole strike/contract thing is getting on my nerves. My brother and I try to support you guys all that we can, because we know that all of you are frustrated. If the teachers don't really have a voice, then I don't see why the students can't either. That's why we wanted to step in and support. Honestly, we appreciate you guys, and to see the best group basically living their lives on small pay, it's a shame. And on top of that, they literally want to kick you out on the street just so you guys can get what you've been waiting for.(I'll just leave my opinion at this: some people just don't care.)

    By the way, I was reading a few of your blogs, and I came across something called Pennwriters. Your wife's a novelist? I tried to email her but I don't think that worked out too well. Tell her that I'm interested in reading some of her work. And I didn't have enough time to read about the whole online program you guys got going on (Writing With Authority), but that too, sounds interesting.

    I might stop by, maybe tomorrow, and start a little convo if you don't mind, just lettin you know ahead of time.