20 July 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK The Clash, Lochem Festival, Holland 1982-05-20


    As I made my way up High I pulled out my phone and started to compose a text.
    I kept my phone in my hand while I walked.
    The apartment was dark and cold. I could see my breath. My bed remained unmade. I laid down and tried to call Katy. She didn't answer. I got undressed and tossed all of my clothes into a pile on the floor. I went into the bathroom and started the hot water for a shower. Steam rushed into the hallway, into the kitchen.
    Water scalded me. I turned the cold water up a hair. I hung my head and waited. No music remained in me. "The Sad Ballad of Preston Black" had taken it out of me. In two weeks I'd lived a whole other life. Maybe I should've enlisted back when Stu did. Maybe it should've been me instead of him. I wished it was. Then I could've proven to everybody I was decent. I'd tried for so long to just be decent. Maybe I should've set my goals a little higher than just decent.

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If you are not, or have never listened to The Clash, now's the time to fix this. Beside influencing bands like Blink-182, The Offspring, Green Day, U2, The Cure, R.E.M. and Rancid directly, they have influenced hundreds of other bands indirectly by bringing together reggae, ska, hip hop and other forms of electric music. There's a reason they've been called 'the only band that matters.' Seriously. Google it. I'll wait.

The Clash didn't invent passion and weren't the first to turn their guitars up to 11. They were sincere and real and always gave 110%. You can hear that in the show below. They never phoned it in. That's why I love them, I think. I can listen knowing they never played a 'B' show.

Also, been loving THE ULTIMATE BOOTLEG EXPERIENCE and have been getting all my new stuff from them. They do an amazing job of providing high quality shows. If you stop by drop them a quick note of thanks.

The Clash - 1982-05-20 - Lochem, Holland


01. London Calling
02. Safe European Home
03. The Guns of Brixton
04. Train In Vain
05. Clash City Rockers
06. Know Your Rights
07. The Magnificent Seven
08. Ghetto Defendent
09. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
10. Police and Thieves
11. Brand New Cadillac
12. Bankrobber
13. Complete Control
14. Career Opportunities
15. Clampdown

Link for download is here below the setlist.

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