19 July 2011

THE MUSIC AND PRESTON BLACK The Pixies, Alexandra Palace, London, Aug 31st 2005


    Besides, the douche bags who worked at Isaac's treated me like I had the musical tastes of a ten-year-old boy. I couldn't help it I never heard of Black Flag or The Pixies growing up. My brother and me were pretty much forced to listen to whatever mom played in the car. Mostly country. Kenny and Dolly singing "Islands in the Stream." Garth Brooks, if we were lucky. Most people didn't have to dig as deep as me to find something they recognized in an old record or song.
    And digging deeper was pretty much what I was doing the day I found my LP misplaced behind Blizzard of Oz. On my way to return it to the BLUEGRASS section the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen stepped out of the stacks. She smiled. I smiled back. She asked what I had in my hand. On the album cover a bunch of anonymous pickers sat in front of an old log cabin. The back of the record said Uncle Mason's Front Porch: Best of the Blackwater Sessions.
    And on the track list, between "Pretty Polly" and "Hangman's Reel" was a song called "The Sad Ballad of Preston Black," written by E. Black.
    I knew right then and there that if I could ever find the man who'd written that song, I'd have found my dad.

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Back from the Sunshine State with a vengeance! In between readjusting to Pennsylvania time and keeping a groundhog out of my ten square feet of tomatoes, I found this AMAZING Pixies sbd. If you ain't familiar with The Pixies this is the place to start. (And you should be!) Radiohead's Thom Yorke said The Pixies changed his life, Bono said The Pixies are "one of America's greatest bands ever" and Kurt Cobain said "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "I was trying to write the ultimate pop song. I was basically trying to rip off the Pixies. I have to admit it."

You have to download the .txt file to get the links to the show. Kind of a pain compared to Sugarmegs, but there's too much good stuff out there to ignore. Get the .txt file with the links here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MPP63AZC Many thanks to http://vivalesbootlegs.blogspot.com for the amazing boots!

The Pixies: Alexandra Palace, London.
Aug 31st 2005
Soundboard 192 kbps

1 - Wave Of Mutilation (Uk Surf)
2 - In Heaven
3 - Where Is My Mind
4 - La La Love You
5 - Here Comes Your Man
6 - Blown Away
7 - Holiday Song
8 - Vamos
9 - Winterlong
10 - Into The White
11 - Subbacultcha
12 - Is She Weird
13 - Ed Is Dead
14 - Planet Of Sound
15 - Cactus
16 - Tame
17 - Hey
18 - Caribou
19 - Stormy Weather
20 - Isla De Encanta - Something Against You
21 - Monkey Gone To Heaven
22 - Gouge Away
23 - Bone Machine
24 - Debaser
25 - Wave Of Mutilation
26 - Gigantic

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