23 February 2012

Download Allman Brothers Band, Cow Palace, San Francisco 12-31-73

A weird choice, I know, but I got to get Southern fried for the next few weeks. South of Louisville, south of Nashville. I got to get down to the home of the blues. I got to walk the walk that old Robert Johnson did before he had them hellhounds on his trail. I'm talking 'bout the Delta. The Motherland. The navel of the earth.

Over the next few weeks I got to be Johnny Cash kicking out the lights of the Grand Old Opry. I got to be Duane Allman screaming through Macon on his bike. I got to be on my knees at the intersection of 49 and 61 to see what the devil can do for me.

I'm talking 'bout black-eye peas and greens and cornbread and a pint glass filled to the tippity top with a corn liquor. Slide guitars and mudbugs.

I'm talking about the next installment of Preston Black's little journey. And I can't wait to see what the fuck happens.

Set the mood with a little Allman Brothers from Sugarmegs.

Allman Brothers Band
Cow Palace, San Francisco 12-31-73

102-Wasted Words
103-Done Somebody Wrong
104-One Way Out
105-Stormy Monday
106-Midnight Rider
107-Blue Sky
108-In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
201-Countdown To Midnight
202-Statesboro Blues
205-Come And Go Blues
206-Ramblin Man
207-Trouble No More
209-Les Brers In A Minor Pt 1
210-Drum Solo
211-Les Brers In A Minor Pt 2
212-Les Brers In A Minor Pt 3
213-Whipping Post
214-Linda Lou - Mary Lou
215-You Upset Me - Hideaway Jam
216-Bo Diddley

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