25 March 2011

Interview time!

Heidi and I were interviewed Rosie Ugliuzza as a lead-in to the Pennwriters course we're teaching in a few weeks. You can read the interview here.

Space is still available in the class, by the way.

Writing with Authority

The easiest way to engage your reader is by using concrete nouns and action verbs. In this one-month online course, Seton Hill University creative writing faculty Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Ruby Miller will show you how to analyze your writing and use easy techniques that will increase the authority of your voice. Participants will:

* Discover how to spot passive voice

* Scrutinize their writing for generic nouns and indefinite pronouns

* Learn to avoid weak verbs and overuse of “be” in all its forms

* Practice using strong synonyms to find the best action verb

* Apply word cloud research to make their plot come alive

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