22 March 2011

Twitterly Promiscuous Week 2

The start of week two find me changing the name, yet again. I didn't think 'whore' was an obscenity. Shows you how I was raised. (My mom doesn't read my blog.)


Following: 2005 (I used justunfollow.com to unfollow 100 non-followers every 24 hours. There was a glitch one day and it let me delete, like, 500.) This is not an accurate count of how many people I followed over the last seven days.

Followers: 637 (If I was all scientific-like I'd give you a ratio of following:follower, but as I'm just a science teacher and not a real scientist, this will have to do.

What I learned: target tweeters who have list YOU want. For the first few days I was looking for other writers, then I was all, like, 'This is stupid.' So I began going after other writers' lists. Also, I learned if I stayed close to the top of the list (newest Followers), I was more likely to get followed back. New people aren't cynical to Twitter's attention-seeking ways yet. By the time they catch on I've already charmed them with my informative and witty tweets.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! what a slut you are!! ;-D interesting tho